Your wellbeing practice and your tipping point

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Imagine this…A week that was effectively balanced between everything that was important to you. Spending time with your loved ones, doing things that bring you joy, work, being in complete stillness, the hours you allocate to your own practice, allowing yourself to unfold in the morning, and the organisation of your meals, or at least the foods within reach that add value to your body. These are the things generate and promote energy, health and happiness.

But what if, something outside your control, some external stressor began unraveling that week, whether that be a minor conflict, road rage, un-met deadlines, bad news or anything in between. The way you respond to that stress is up to you. When you’re well-rested, and well-nourished physically, mentally and spiritually it’s much easier to respond from a place that aligns with your values, happiness and health.

Let us now entertain the opposite. A week that involved fast pace, waking to an alarm every morning, a week without boundaries, a week that involved you saying “yes” to everything other than choices that were respectful to your health, perhaps even wiping out any practices, movement or self-care. Saw you grab for convenience, more coffee, saying “yes” to others and “no” to yourself. That same external stressor might bring about a completely different response. Instead of coming from a place of positivity, it’s a place of reaction, aggression, mood swings, impatience, and the depletion of happiness, energy, and health.

Our tipping point is not a reflection on those external stressors, but a reflection of the weight and importance we give our own wellbeing practices. These wellbeing practices make up the foundation of our ability to cope, and therefore, create the environment for our own unique tipping point.

We don’t need to find more hours, or create more time, it’s a matter of borrowing time and energy from other areas in our life by deciding that “yes, the health of every other area in my life requires me to feel well, happy and healthy” and taking personal responsibility for that.

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Author: Kelly Dalby Holistic Health Coach