Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Benefits

  • Promotes proper breathing
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Lymphatic detox
  • Stress and anxiety relief

Our Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Perth City

Vinyasa yoga Perth | Yoga Perth City

Rise and Shine Vinyasa Yoga

The aim of this morning class is to power-up your mind and body for the day ahead. Our skilled yoga teachers take you through 60 minutes of vinyasa yoga designed to build strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Practicing vinyasa yoga in the morning kick starts your metabolism and switches on your brain.

Leave this class with vitality and productivity.

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Rejuvenate – Yin/Yang Yoga

The aim of this fusion class is to restore balance in your body and mind. The class starts with Vinyasa flow to warm the body and finishes with a meditative yin practice. Practising contrasting forms of yoga together allows for a well-rounded practice, sort of like a full-body workout, but for your mind too!

Leave this class feeling balanced and whole.

Hot Yoga Perth City | Heated yoga | Perth CBD

Energise Hot Yoga

The aim of this heated class is to detoxify your body and deepen your flexibility. Our classes are great for hot yoga beginners, with infrared panels heating our studio to a balmy, but moderate 26-30 degrees. Expect a gentle to moderate flow designed to detoxify your lymphatic system and internal organs while also boosting your metabolism and cardiovascular activity.

Leave this class feeling accomplished and purified.

Vinyasa yoga | Yoga Perth City | Perth CBD

Harmony Yoga

The aim of this class is to bring harmony into your body. With a focus on breath and mindful movement, this gentle class is the ideal an reboot for any time of your day. Harmony Yoga is a gentle antidote for stress, anxiety and tension caused by your busy work and office environment.

Leave this class feeling refocused and de-stressed.

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