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Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Benefits

  • Lymphatic detoxification
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Burns calories
  • Increase flexibility

Hot Yoga FAQ

How hot is hot?

Our hot yoga classes are perfect for hot yoga beginners. We set the heat to a balmy but manageable 26-30 degrees to ensure peak therapeutic benefits.

What if the heat becomes overwhelming?

Our moderately heated infrared studio shouldn’t cause you to feel lightheaded or nauseous. On the off chance that you do fee overwhelmed, you’re welcome to leave the room and rejoin once you feel better. Or take a restorative pose such as savasana. Our professional teachers will ensure you stay safe through out your heated practice.

Vinyasa yoga | Yoga Perth City | Perth CBD

Harmony Yoga

The aim of this class is to bring harmony into your body. With a focus on breath and mindful movement, this gentle class is the ideal an reboot for any time of your day. Harmony Yoga is a gentle antidote for stress, anxiety and tension caused by your busy work and office environment.

Leave this class feeling refocused and de-stressed.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yoga mats, yoga grip towels, bolsters, blocks, eye cushions and shower towels are all supplied free of charge for you and hygienically cleaned daily.  You are welcome to bring your own sweat towel to class.

Benefits of Infrared hot yoga classes 

We use infrared heating, which is the most advanced form of heating used in hot yoga studios. Forced air can make your yoga class feel stuffy and sticky, a session with infrared heat feels clean and invigorating. Instead of heating the room, our infrared panels supply direct radiant heat to your body. This direct warmth on your body feels soothing and purifying.

Infrared heating is scientifically proven to have benefits for people with physical injuries. The heat supercharges your cellular metabolism and activates your body’s glands and organs by absorbing deep into your skin. It’s also much more eco-friendly than other heating options.

Our Hot Yoga Classes in Perth City

Energise Hot Yoga

The aim of this heated class is to detoxify your body and deepen your flexibility.  Our classes are great for hot yoga beginners, with infrared panels heating our studio to a balmy, but moderate 26-30 degrees. Expect a gentle to moderate flow designed to detoxify your lymphatic system and internal organs while also boosting your metabolism and cardiovascular activity.

Leave this class feeling accomplished and purified.

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