Yoga Classes in the Perth City CBD

Yoga classes at Myall Wellbeing are suitable for all levels of practice. They differ in style based on the feeling of wellbeing they promote, so use our class names to help you select which one resonates each time.

All classes at Myall Wellbeing are vinyasa yoga, unless otherwise specified. Called ‘flow yoga’ because of the smooth way that the poses run together, vinyasa is one of the most popular contemporary yoga styles. It’s a broad classification that encompasses many different types, including ashtanga, hatha and power yoga.

We also have regular hot yoga classes available throughout our timetable. The Myall studio temperature ranges from mid-20 to a maximum of 30° Celcius depending on the instructor and style. Sometimes known as heated power vinyasa, it has some fantastic health benefits including boosted metabolism, increased flexibility, and higher immunity developed through improved blood flow to the vital organs.

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Myall Yoga Studio – About Our Classes

Yoga stretch after Shine

Rise & Shine

Start your day with 60 minutes of dynamic vinyasa flow yoga designed to power-up your mind, body and heart.

Your practice will focus on awakening and strengthening your core while synchronising breath with movement. Not only will you lengthen and lighten your posture, you will more importantly, calm your mind, open your heart and create space in your belly, the engine room of your body, so that the flow of blood and your breath, can nourish your internal organs, leaving you feeling happy and well for your day ahead.

Yoga Roll-Restore

Roll & Restore

Do you want to move more freely? Feeling stuck or blocked in a pose or your practice? Combining her knowledge of physiotherapy and yoga, join Kylie for the latest in myofascial release techniques that can transform your practice and your body.

Using therapy balls, rollers and blocks, you’ll be shown how to work safely with your body tissues.

Learn how to roll and restore “stuck” areas of connective tissue creating more freedom and space, in your body and your life!

Yoga Heated Hatha

Heated Hatha Yoga

Bask in the therapeutic rays of our infrared panels with 60 minutes of hatha yoga. Studio temperature is a balmy 27-30 degrees. Heated yoga provides fantastic health benefits including increased flexibility, boosted metabolic and cardiovascular activity, detoxification, improved immunity and lymphatic function, and increased blood flow to the vital organs.

Yoga Invigorate


This dynamic vinyasa yoga class will have you work to your edge on and off the mat. During class we explore all aspects of yoga and how a regular practice deepens your relationship with the world around you. Suitable for bodies that are able to move.

Yoga stretch Energise


30 minutes of strong vinyasa flow yoga designed to energise and encourage focus, featuring a peak pose.

Yoga Rest Restore

Rest and Restore

60 minutes of yin yoga. Poses are held for longer periods and are designed to stretch and ease areas of your body that need it the most. The perfect pace to encourage relaxation.

Yoga stretch after shivasana

New to yoga?

If you’ve never tried yoga before, we recommend our 6 week Introduction to Yoga course. It’s ideal for complete beginners and for those of you who are returning to yoga because of injury or a lengthy break from practising.

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