With More Time Comes More Responsibility


I’m sure we have all experienced those mornings when we have more time, yet end up rushing and even running late for work. You see that is a perfect example of when more time requires more responsibility.

It requires setting boundaries.
Understanding our priorities.
Understanding our tendencies.
Being realistic.
Recalling previous experiences that looked kind of the same.

I’ll give you a recent example that led me to write on this topic.

It was Friday.
I was at home (because we are all home in isolation).
I had planned to tune in to Tom’s 12 noon Yin practice.
I had even booked in.
But knowing I would be sent the recording later, I had an “out”, I could just…not do the class and do later.
But would I?
Maybe not.

I literally had booked into this class and planned my day around it, but the smallest window of opportunity (or laziness?) presented (enabled by the awesome new addition to live streaming that is Myall sharing the recording to you after class) and I tried to sneak out of that window.

Not because I had anywhere else to be.
But because one reality gave me the permission to not spend my energy doing the class – that’s right, not spend my energy at home, in my comfies, enjoying the most restorative yoga practice that there is.

When I am too lazy to nestle into a yin practice there is a real problem!

My point is, with this excess time that we have all been granted with less travel time, less work, less socialising, comes heightened potential for laziness, for doing it later, for not doing it at all because no one will know anyway.

Only we know how we actually wish to feel. And we too know, based on many previous experiences how that particular thing is going to make us feel.

In a highly uncertain world, here’s one thing I know for sure – I never regretted doing a yin class. And I will be locking that realisation and all of its supporting evidence into my memory bank.

Whether it is a morning class that we give ourselves permission to just do later, or the dishes we give ourselves permission to just do in the morning, or the tidying up we give ourselves permission to just do another time… know this – we could JUST do it later or we could just do it NOW, when we planned to and have time to and what a beautiful gesture of respect to self that will be.

Author – Kelly Dalby