United by the Unknown


There is not one person that remains untouched by this global crisis and during a chapter that finds us more uncertain than we have perhaps ever experienced in our time, there is a strange and deep sense of connection.

Perhaps this is the first time you have known at your absolute depth that you are not alone in how you are feeling and what a beautiful thing, to be reminded that we as the human race are all absolutely connected beyond our comprehension.

You may also feel and witness at the same time that there is a sense of “every man for themselves” as people panic in survival, creating what feels like disconnect, and duality.

If we can acknowledge through compassion that everything must exist on a spectrum, we can honour that in order to create balance these two contrasting experiences can in fact be in existence at the same time, calling us back to wholeness, oneness, completeness.

Perhaps this is the first time you have had to remain present in every single moment because your health and survival literally depends on it. The health and survival of your brothers and sisters, blood related or otherwise, near and far depends on it.

Perhaps you are really beginning to understand the simple yet deeply fulfilling joys in life that we might have taken for granted – embracing our loved ones, physical touch, closeness and even sharing a space with strangers.

May we take this time to truly be with each and every moment completely.

May this space we have been forced to take allow us to remember who we are, recall our natural speed of life, create the time to do the things we just stopped prioritising,  and shine light upon all of the things we begun taking for granted.

May we meet our angst with trust, our frustration with acceptance, an abundance of time and resulting creativity

May we soften our controlling edges by surrendering into the rhythm of nature that knows none other than this seasonal change.

Please know that this is not the end of what we know, but the beginning of what we didn’t.


Author – Kelly Dalby – Holistic Health Coach