Shane Collard ~ Pilates & Yoga Instructor

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Shane Collard
Pilates and Yoga Instructor

I believe…

The moment you stop learning you stop living.

I am…

A swirling mess of contradictions.
I spend lots of time teaching rhythm ride, performing and dancing, which are quite extroverted activities. What my clients find quite amusing is that amidst my typical world of performing where my energy is running quite high, you can also find me teaching yoga, which is quite introspective and introverted. So, I can very much be on both ends of the spectrum. I like the noise, but I need and enjoy moments of calm and quiet.

Inquisitive by nature.
I am always curious to know more and learn more. Through my life experience, I’ve tried many new things. I think it’s important to be in a continual state of learning and growing.

Lover of the ocean.
I love the beach and I do surf occasionally. After living overseas for several years, I had made up my mind that when I returned back to Australia I would learn how to surf. Then I moved to Sydney and so I thought, now is the time. I found a ticket to a surf camp on Groupon. Little did I know that I would be traveling down south with a bunch of university students to learn how to surf. It was quite the eye opening and slightly hilarious experience, myself with a whole bunch of students at a camp, complete with dorm rooms and all, learning to surf. I had a great time though and it’s certainly an experience I won’t forget.

Shane Collard, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Shane is a dancer and performer who fell into teaching Pilates at Xtend West Hollywood when he was living in LA and auditioning as a freelance artist. Initially he started teaching to earn money and discovered that, like performing, it was something that came so natural to him. He went on to study various movement and yoga methodologies and now teaches full time.

What fuels him along his journey is knowing that he can help educate people how to move their bodies and take care of themselves while brightening their day. A pivotal moment for him was discovering that one of his clients in LA told him much later that she had lost her job and that coming to his Pilates classes each day was her only reason to get out of bed each day. Shane said, “You don’t realise the impact you have on your students every day”.

Pouring all of his energy and giving one hundred percent to every class, Shane’s sunny disposition brightens up any room that he enters. Shane incorporates functional movement, body awareness and strength and conditioning into his Pilates Sculpt and yoga classes. Grounded in a very practical and wholistic view of health, Shane wants to help people organise their bodies with movement so that they can live and move better in their day to day. If he can do so while making you smile, he will.

Advanced Diploma (Performing Arts and Dance)
Mat Pilates, Xtend Barre
200 hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training, Santosha Yoga Institute
50hr Yin Training, The Yoga Vine
Rhythm Riding, LA Fit Studio
Power Plate Certified, Power Plate
Lagree Fitness Certified, Lagree Fitness

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