Why is rising with sun good for you?


Spring is officially here and with it our new Spring timetable, Our morning classes now start half an hour earlier at 6:30 AM. We know rising early can be more difficult for some and pressing snooze on your alarm can be enticing. We’ve collated a list of reasons why you might like to reconsider your ways and start experiencing the health benefits of rising with the sun.

Have you ever noticed how some flowers open up in the morning when they see the sun and slowly close at night when it’s dark? Our body’s systems work in the same way. Let’s have a look at a few contributing factors as to why those who wake up early love it and why it might be worth trying.

Our circadian rhythm, also known as our ‘body clock’ comes from the Latin term of Circa Diem (around a day). It’s a 24-hour clock ingrained in our body. Essentially, it communicates to our body and regulates our mental and physiological systems which can affect a number of our body’s daily functions like our digestion and hormones. Rising with the sun and being exposed to natural light first thing, helps our circadian rhythm stay in sync.

Why should you consider rising with the sun?

At the beginning of Spring, we see the blooming of flowers, daylight increasing, and not to mention warmer weather.

Rising earlier not only gives us more time first thing to make breakfast, prepare lunch, exercise, or meditate, it can also help us feel better positioned to take on the day ahead. When we rise with the sun, we have the opportunity to soak up some daylight and consequently absorb some vitamin D, which is essential for the body to perform vital functions. Vitamin D supports our immune system, strengthens bones, and is important for our mood stabilising serotonin levels. Here are a few more reasons why you should start rising with the sun.

Our circadian rhythm, our ‘master clock’ is predominantly affected by environmental light factors. The Sleep Foundation explains this well by saying the moment we open our eyes in the morning o see sunlight, a message ( melatonin) is sent to our brain to tell us to begin to be alert, energised, and less drowsy. The moment we start to see the sun go down and outside starts to grow darker, the same message ( melatonin tells us to begin to feel tired and prepare for sleep. Aligning ourselves to be awake for all the natural hours available to us can be super beneficial to both our health and wellbeing.

Great for the circadian rhythm

As discussed above, sunlight can have a big impact on our body’s natural clock or circadian rhythm. As the sun sets in the evening, we begin to produce melatonin, a hormone that indicates to our body that we are ready for sleep. The moment your body sees sunlight first thing in the morning, melatonin stops being produced, energising body and mind.

Enhances vitamin D levels

Ever wondered why the sun is so important to us? Vitamin D! Our bodies naturally don’t produce enough of it and that’s why we rely on the sun. Having enough Vitamin D is crucial for our body. It’s been said to be as vital as having enough oxygen. Vitamin D deficiency can leave us feeling tired, moody, and unmotivated.

Supports maintaining a healthy weight

Whilst studying obesity and diabetes, researchers accidentally found that daily sunlight has been known to assist with the breakdown of subcutaneous adipose tissue cells, the sun’s blue light is especially helpful with this breakdown.

Boosts immunity

Research indicates that 41% of Australians and almost 1 billion worldwide have a deficiency in vitamin D. With consistent exposure to natural sunlight you can strengthen your immune system. Our immune system relies on vitamin D to effectively use its defense mechanism which is specifically designed to send off white blood cells to attack an infection.

Strengthens our bones

Vitamin D is a hormone that manages the levels of calcium in the body, it controls how much is absorbed which is especially important for maintaining healthy and strong bones. After the age of 35, we naturally begin to lose bone density, whilst we can’t completely stop our bones from thinning we can help slow down the process by exposing our body to lots of vitamin D. Next time you’re sitting inside to eat your lunch, consider enjoying it outside in the sun instead!

Improves sleep quality

Our body begins to produce melatonin when the sun goes down and it begins to get dark outside. Two hours after this happens our bodies begin to feel sleepy and are ready for sleep. Studies have shown that rising with the sun will help you sleep better, this is because natural light helps balance the circadian rhythm and the production of melatonin.

Eases mild depression

Sunshine and natural light increase your serotonin which is the chemical released in your brain which works as a mood-stabilizer, it helps regulate your sleep pattern which naturally boosts your mood.

The science behind sunlight and infrared light

Our bodies are technically wired to rise early with the sun, just like the flower is wired to follow the sun’s movements, it’s in our circadian rhythm. This century-old concept has been valued as an exceptional tool for healing. Medical practitioners and research institutions around the world have evidence to support ‘ultraviolet’, infrared and coloured light as a treatment option for a range of ailments including immunity disorders, chronic pain, and mental illness. Yellow and orange are told to provide an energetic feeling from within. It is no wonder the sun is said to be a natural alarm clock for us.

Clearlight’s infrared sauna combines infrared technology with colour light therapy to be performed as a treatment to benefit our well-being in many ways, to learn more click here to learn about the benefits of an infrared sauna.

Make the commitment to yourself and book in for your classes for the week ahead of time. Our weekly class schedule is available here. When you do this, you’re also working toward creating better habits and an improvement in your overall health.

And if you would like to experience the benefits of light with the additional health outcomes of using infrared technology and colour light therapy, book in for an infrared sauna appointment.

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