Preventative Health: The road that leads to your true nature

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I’m sure you would agree that we as humans often wait until we are in a state of despair, experiencing loss, or grief, illness or injury to take a good hard look at ourselves and the way we are moving through life.

Change, growth and empowered decisions

As Judith Orloff, Psychiatrist and Author states “We use the energy of crisis to create change.” This is one way to cultivate change and growth, however, a more measured and structured approach to our health, happiness and vitality would see us knowing ourselves at a much deeper level. Empowering us to make choices that support the prevention of injury, overwhelm, and illness. Having open communication between our body and mind enables us to see these moments when they do come with compassion, instead of inconvenience.

Create the perfect week

We tend to structure our week around the thing that provides us with our financial security, but imagine structuring your week around experiences that lead to;

  • more space
  • quietness
  • contemplation
  • meaningful conversation
  • connection with yourself, with your community, and the natural world

Find balance

A lot of us also prioritise our physical training which is amazing, however we must ensure that these choices are not just more of the same. Requiring us to give more than we have on that day, activities that are fast pace, high intensity, noisy, or a form of stress on the body. This can end up causing more harm.

The human body is capable of a wide range of movements. Movements at different speeds, direction and power. Your physical training should incorporate this variety to match what the ‘real world’ demands of us.

Myall classes have been designed to enhance both your body and mind through balance of movement and stillness. It’s this equilibrium between the two elements in each class that leave you feeling energised yet relaxed, rejuvenated yet peaceful, and strong yet flexible.

When we make the things that nourish our soul, contribute to our happiness, and lead to an abundance of energy as a priority we also nourish our relationships. We become more aligned with our truest nature. Living in a state of flow where our creativity can breathe, our cycles of productivity dance with natural rhythm, and we reflect the very best expression of ourselves to the world.

These, are the positive consequences of preventative health.

Written by Kelly Dalby