Pilates in the heart of Perth City!

Myall Mat Pilates is a condensed and powerful workout suitable for all levels of practice. Our instructors take you through 30 minutes of exercises performed on the floor using your own body weight and gravity for resistance.

Throughout the class you will challenge your body by putting it in unstable positions, moving your limbs, and training the targeted muscle groups to support the weight. Progressions, regressions and hands on adjustments will be provided by our professional instructors when required. 

Pilates utilises concentration, centring, breathing, control, precision, and flowing movement to improve muscular and postural strength. It’s the perfect exercise to compliment a regular yoga practice as you work towards conditioning deep supporting muscles to improve balance and coordination. 

Pilates is known to be one of the best workouts for mental wellbeing, as you focus deeply on the movements of your body. It requires you to recruit both your body and mind simultaneously and keep them engaged at all times. The best part is that because of the intensity and precision of Pilates, you can reap the benefits even if you only practice twice a week. 

Pilates not only helps you become lighter on your feet, it also helps you become lighter in your mind! Try a class in our beautiful Perth CBD Studio this week! 

Our pilates classes