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Another challenging and fun class with Fern. Legs and glutes worked very hard.


So glad I found Myall Wellbeing! The meditation and Mat Pilates are amazing, Luke’s Vinyasa Flow is just what the doctor ordered and Mat gives the BEST massage I’ve ever had. What a welcome addition to our city.

Alison B, Perth

Wow, just discovered the most amazing yoga studio in the city, Myall Wellbeing. The studio contains the latest in sound systems and heating panels imported from Europe, new end of journey facilities and fully decked out with mats and props. There is a range of classes for both beginners and advanced yogis. Love, love, love this place.

Chris, Perth

A visit to this city central yoga studio IS A MUST. Competent yoga instructors, tranquil ambience and the latest in sound and heating. Can’t wait until I attend my next class.

Christine, Perth

This has to be the best thing to hit Perth city! Stunning yoga and meditation studio with a spacious massage room at the rear inside. There’s nothing else like it in Perth.

Sarah, Perth
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