My Own Wellbeing Challenge by Emma Pugsley


By Myall Founder Emma Pugsley

Those who know me well know that throughout my corporate career I was an early morning riser. My alarm would go off at the crack of dawn, no snooze for me, and I’d commando roll out of bed to diligently get my early morning routine started. I guess that military commando roll set the tone for the day because every morning I kept to the same routine. Every morning my routine consisted of gym, shower & brekky, and I loved it! Especially when I was settling in at the cafe for my big hot cappuccino with fruit toast, honey, and extra butter on the side.

Suffice to say that early morning routine helped me navigate the daily stress of my life working in corporate finance for 29 years. I started this routine with my first job as a graduate accountant fresh out of University at age 21 and continued right through to 2015 at the end of my finance career.

Fast forward to today and here I am nearly a year into opening Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio. The irony is, after almost 30 years of commitment to my morning wellbeing routine, the thing to disrupt it was owning a wellbeing studio. In fact the only part of my old routine that still exists is my big hot cappuccino with fruit toast, honey, and extra butter on the side. These days enjoyed mostly at Mary Street Bakery across the road from Myall.  

It’s almost like, in my pursuit to share the pleasure of a wellbeing routine with everyone else, I’ve started to forget my own. Every day has been an absolute pleasure of course since opening the doors of Myall on January 7 this year, but being a start-up it’s not without its stresses. So truth be known, finding time during each busy day for my own wellbeing practice, whether that be a yoga session, a meditation session, a massage, a walk, or a swim at the beach has been a challenge. 

I used to not understand why people were so impressed with my commitment to my morning wellbeing routine of 29 years, and now I am beginning to see. Like everyone, everyday life can get in the way… 

So my pledge during the 30 day challenge, especially with the mornings being lighter and warmer as summer approaches, is to revert to my old innate habit of commando rolling out of bed, and with gratitude and gusto embracing the day ahead, starting with a short walk and quick swim at the beach before heading in to open the doors at Myall. Oh, and of course enjoy a class a day and a few massages with our amazing practitioners at Myall! 

Won’t you join me in the challenge? What will be your pledge?!