Movember Men’s Health Month – Movement & Mindfulness

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Not planning on growing your moustache this November? How else can you support men’s health and take care of yourself? 

At Myall Wellbeing, we are proactive in raising awareness of men’s health and creating safe and healthy spaces for those who identify as males in our community. Throughout November, we have  a series of movement and mindfulness classes to encourage males to take care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Although there is a focus around men’s health during November, these classes are OPEN FOR EVERYONE and anyone who identifies themselves as male, female, transgender or non-binary.

The Movember Men’s Health – Movement & Mindfulness schedule is as follows:

  • Healthy Mind focus in our Yoga Foundations with Brett 3rd of November (Thursday) at 1 pm
  • Healthy Pelvic Floor focus in our mat Pilates with Fern, 11th of November (Friday) at 6:30 am
  • Harmony Yoga with Brett 15th of November (Tuesday) at 12:00pm
  • Energised Heated Vinyasa Yoga with Oli 16th of November (Wednesday) 12:00 pm
  • Energised Heated Vinyasa Yoga with Brett 17th of November (Thursday) 5:30 pm
  • Healthy Spine special focus with Christie 18th of November (Friday) at 1:15 pm
  • Ignite Your Core special focus with Christie 25th of November (Friday) at 1:15 pm

ALL Myall members can attend these classes by simply booking in through the Myall app. For Non-Members, these classes are only $27 each.

Did you know that over a third of our classes are run by males?

Our first special Movember class begins on the 3rd November Thursday at 1pm with Brett for a Yoga Foundations class. 

Why not drop in and experience this practice from a male perspective?

What are the steps to take?

  1. These classes are available for ALL  members. Members can simply book in these classes through the Myall app.
  2. For NON-MEMBERS, you can purchase a casual pass for $27 by clicking in the class would like to attend on our timetable. Click to check out our studio timetable here.  Thats it!

For ease, you can download the Myall App to start booking in your classes on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and view our Studio Timetable.