Monday Musings: Emma

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You might recall this famous quote by Theodore Roosevelt, a president known for his exuberant personality “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Well during the week a good friend and mentor of mine reminded me of the phrase we often hear in yoga – “Do your best and don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room”. Of course, it resonated. A sweet reminder that’s exactly what we need to do, not only on our yoga mat but also in life and in business.

Especially during this time of covid 19 and all the different ways it has changed our lives, even if just for a few short weeks in the case of those of us living in WA.

Some people and businesses have thrived without too much to change and others have had to pivot and change in a bid to simply survive. In between these extremes are many of us who have had to change plans, adapt the way we do things and in some cases, completely pivot, in the process learning so much, realising that there are many other choices to be made about how we live our lives and run our businesses, practising resilience and establishing a new norm.

There’s always a silver lining, the glass is always half full and it is all a matter of our perspective, which is why cultivating an attitude of gratitude is so important. I’ve really been humbled during the past few weeks by all the warm, appreciative comments of our members and supporters of Myall, thanking us for being their shining light by providing our classes via live-stream and recordings to the safety of their home.

It’s also incredibly humbling to once again see the warm friendly faces and share space physically in studio after so many weeks in isolation. More so than ever do we really appreciate being in each others physical company and more so than ever do we really value the safety, health and wellbeing of our mind, body and heart. Not for a moment taking it for granted or putting it on the back burner, or last on the list of things to do each day.

A BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart to you all for being my shining light during these times 🙂  I’m super excited to once again open our doors and our hearts and welcome you to our sanctuary in the Perth CBD.

What’s in a name – Myall Wellbeing

Myall is my mothers maiden name, but also means;

My All Wellbeing – rather than wellness, is wholistic meaning whole of being – not just physical but mental, emotional and spiritual

Myall Wellbeing is all about “My being all well” so that we can be the best versions of ourselves…

Myall Wellbeing is also about giving ourselves permission to thrive rather than just survive in life…

Myall Wellbeing is here to inspire our community to “feel and belong” so that we really can “givemyall” to everything in life…

Author – Emma Pugsley