Mindful Meetings at Myall


Escape the boardroom boredom and get mindful with Myall.

Equipped with a projector, full height whiteboard, Sonos sound system and a variety of seating options, you can combine a gentle meditation with the warmth of our beautiful studio for the best meeting ever!

If Google, Amazon and Apple are doing it, why aren’t we all including meditation in the agenda?

Why we love Mindful Meetings:

  • Slower reactions allow for improved critical thinking
  • Improved listening leads to better conversations
  • Reduced stress leads to staff wellness and loyalty
  • Building mental resilience opens you to new ideas
  • Development of empathy for increased human connection

Our Mindful Meetings include:

  • 30-minute Guided Meditation
  • Herbal tea
  • An additional 1 hour of studio hire

In addition to Mindful Meetings we can tailor a wellbeing solution for your workplace. Get in touch with us at to learn more.