Mikaela Moretti ~ Yoga Instructor

Mikaela, a yoga instructor
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Mikaela Moretti
Yoga Instructor

I believe…

That we should try and lead by enjoyment. I try to always have that as a number one priority. By enjoying the small things, I can use it as a north star to guide me toward what is important for that day – joy! 

I am…

Guided by my curiosity.
I try to approach everything in my life as a student first.

A clumsy person.
I have clumsy moments frequently. I have an embarrassing spill situation or smash a glass weekly and trip over myself almost daily.

A lover of Pomeranians.
My 6-year-old puffball, Jiro, keeps me on my toes and smiling.

Mikaela Moretti, Yoga Instructor
Mikaela is a bright spark in the team, bringing warmth and positivity to the studio. Mikaela’s classes emphasise alignment and focus on the breath to link the mind to the body. She believers it’s important to stay curious and to always reflect on the knowledge and opinions that surround us.

As a teenager, Mikaela experienced her own struggle with anxiety and started attending yoga classes purely for this reason. In developing a regular yoga practice, she felt the profound benefits and decided to dive a little deeper to complete her yoga teaching certification. Her intention was to simply broaden her understanding of yoga. Throughout the journey, Mikaela discovered joy in passing it forward to others and made the decision to start teaching.

Balancing a full-time corporate job, Mikaela teaches a couple of classes a week. It keeps her grounded and encourages her to progress further in her own practice. She enjoys seeing the beginners in her class progress week to week and develop a sense of curiosity and awareness for their bodies.   

Bachelor of Science, University of Western Australia
Master of Hydrogeology, University of Western Australia
200hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training

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