Melanie Wayte ~ Senior Massage Therapist

Massage therapist at Myall Yoga & Wellbeing
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Melanie Wayte
Massage Therapist, Dip(RM)

I believe…

To be happy and healthy is when the body, mind and soul are one. If your body is misaligned, your mind and soul won’t be in tune and your energy isn’t going to flow harmoniously.

I am…

A Canadian who loves to travel.
I was born in the French part of Canada, Quebec. Growing up, I spent my days snowboarding in the snow-capped mountains. The fresh air and mountains bring back so many memories from my childhood and are soothing to my soul. No matter where I travel around the world, I’m always drawn to adventures in the mountainous regions.

An ambivert.
My personality is a balance of extrovert and introvert features. I get as much enjoyment from being with people as I do from spending time alone.

A music lover.
I love to listen to music; in fact, I’m obsessed with the culture and rich history of music through the generations. When I’m not working at Myall Wellbeing, you’ll find me listening to indie, grunge, punk rock and Britpop music.

An avid cat lover.
I absolutely adore my cat, Sid. I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it too.

Melanie Wayte, Senior Massage Therapist, Dip(RM)

Mel qualified as a Massage Therapist in Canada and has over a decade of experience.

Even as a teenager, Mel developed a passion for wellness and helping people. From a young age, she knew that instead of working an office job, she would be doing something that involved helping people and more specifically relieving them from stress. Her love for helping people to achieve optimal health and her interest in wellness extends to her personal life, where she loves to look after herself and lead by example.

Mel has a great relationship with many of her loyal clients at Myall Wellbeing. Known for her ability to incorporate relaxation techniques into her remedial massage treatments, Mel puts so much energy into each of her sessions. She is grateful for each of the members and clients who visit Myall Wellbeing and wear a smile despite the sometimes very stressful nature of their work in the hustle and bustle of the city. She feels as though because of the immense gratitude they show after an appointment, she receives just as much from her clients in return.

With the belief that your attitude determines how you experience each day, Mel says that one positive thought can change your whole day. The friendly and bright nature she brings to Myall each day is a true reflection of this.

Diploma (Remedial Massage)
200hr Yoga Teacher Training (in progress)

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