Meditation Benefits:

  • Reduces stress and controls anxiety
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self awareness

Our Meditation Classes in Perth City

Meditation Perth City | Perth CBD | Yoga Perth

Monday: Meditation for Mindset

The purpose of this class is to set yourself up for a successful week. You will learn how to mindfully set intentions and clear your mind for the working week ahead. With a focus on breath awareness this class will help you learn to visualise for success.

Leave feeling clear minded and prepared.

Tuesday: Meditation for Productivity

The purpose of this class is to channel your mind for peak performance. Be guided through a meditation designed to increase your focus by teaching you how to tune out distractions.

Leave  feeling focused and productive.

Wednesday: Meditation to Recharge

The purpose of this class is to recharge on your hump day lunch break. This meditation is designed to help you re-energise with visualisation techniques so that you can continue giving your all, all week long.

Leave this class feeling re-energised and recharged.

Thursday: Meditation for Innovation

The purpose of this class is to inspire innovation. Be lead through a meditation designed to boost your creative thinking by incorporating mindfulness techniques to reduce fear and doubt in your mind.

Leave feeling creative and inspired.

Friday: Pranayama for Vitality

The purpose of this class is to realign your body and mind through breathing exercises. Learn breathing techniques to control and regulation the breath that you can utilise in your daily life to sooth your nervous system. This ancient wellbeing practice is a must for anyone that wants to minimise stress in their life.

Leave this class feeling cleansed and fresh. 

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