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Massage is an integral component to a well rounded wellbeing lifestyle. Massage therapy allows for deep physical healing and can consist of a number of different treatments. Depending on your symptoms and lifestyle, you may need a remedial or therapeutic massage approach. We off a range of therapeutic and remedial massage treatments from the heart of Perth City CBD with some of Perth’s most skilled providers.

How does massage work?

Massage is a holistic remedy that treat the while body and works to heal the root cause of ailments rather than just soothing symptoms. Muscles, tendon and connective tissue can become knotted, damaged, fatigued, tight or immobile. Practices like yoga and Pilates assist with healing these issues but massage allows for a more direct healing treatment with the hands on assistance and knowledge of a professional massage therapist.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage can be used to assist with many physical ailments. Most massage techniques will improve wellbeing and circulation while reducing stress, muscle tension, inflammation and pain. Depending on your symptoms, more specialised massage can assist in healing injuries and conditions, and improving recovery, skin tone, mobility, flexibility, and lymph flow.

Remedial Massage at Myall Yoga Perth City Remedial Massage at Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Perth City

What are the different types of massage?

There are several types of massage that focus on different healing approaches depending on your needs. At Myall we offer Remedial massage, Therapeutic massage and Sports massage. Depending on which type of massage you receive, the Massage Therapist will incorporate a range of techniques to soothe your symptoms.

The aim of remedial massage is to help increase your performance and avoid or manage an injury. It can relieve pain while working to strengthen the area and reduce tension. Our remedial therapists have an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology so they are able to locate and treat damaged muscles in the body to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. They hold a provider number that can be used to claim through private health care. Conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, stiff necks, headaches, sports injuries and many more complaints can be eased with a remedial treatment. Remedial massage techniques involve deep tissue massage, dry needling, Kinesio taping, manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, sports massage and trigger point therapy.

The aim of therapeutic massage is to release tension and stress, and to improve circulation and wellbeing. Our therapeutic Massage Therapist have an extensive knowledge of a range of traditional and soothing massage techniques and are highly skilled at creating a deeply relaxing and healing environment for you. Therapeutic massage techniques include deep tissue massage, firm-pressured holistic massage, foot, and back and neck massage therapies. Our Aromatouch massage uses eight different oils to evoke serenity, reduction of inflammation, support for the immune system and reawakening of the cells.

The aim of sports massage is to reduce stress and tension that builds up in the soft tissue during exercise. This form of massage is perfect for athletes and very active people to allow you to perform at your peak, avoid sports related injuries, and improve endurance. This deep style of massage is tailored to individual sporting conditions to reduce injury and muscle soreness. Sports massage techniques include deep tissue massage, compression massage, and range of motion massage.

Meet our massage therapists in Perth City  
Our Myall Massage Therapists are among Perth’s most skilled massage providers. Our Massage Therapists are experienced in treating a wide range of ailments to reduce pain, heal injuries, and enhance stress relief. Our therapists will work with you to tailor a treatment plan to suit the muscles that are giving you grief.

Our massage room in Perth City CBD
We have one of the most beautiful and serene massage rooms in Perth City CBD. Along with providing the highest quality equipment and products, our facilities are exceptional, clean and elegant. Our large private shower rooms are fully stocked with Aesop products and we provide complimentary towel rental. Our large secure lockers, used for personal items, provide you with peace of mind. Feel free to enjoy a complimentary tea in our open relaxation area before or after your massage.