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Jason Le
Massage Therapist

I believe…

Great things happen with care.

I am…

Passionate about mental health.
My interest in learning more about mental health started in 2009. Through navigating through my own emotional pains and exploring my own mental state, I learned to have compassion for others. During my journey, I developed a passion for helping others along this path of self-discovery and decided to become a wellness coach.

Always learning about movement.
I started my own yoga journey in 2012, which was the gateway to my interest in movement. Yoga for me is not just about the physical poses, it’s about reconnecting to yourself and creating a flow for self-expression. My interest in movement culture evolved as I invested more time into my yoga practice and from there, I began to explore many different styles of movement, including Animal Flow.

A family man.
I love to spend time with family. We love to dine out, watch comedy shows and play cards. I’m lucky to have some family living here in Perth, the rest of my family live overseas in Vietnam and America.

Always in the kitchen.
In my spare time, I love to cook and bake food for others. My favourite biscuit is French macaroons and I have nearly perfected my recipe for making them. Baking is a lot like life, you must fail a lot of the time, but you learn from your failures and adjust your method. As you continue to do this, you perfect the recipe.

Jason Le, Massage Therapist

Jason is a Massage Therapist with a special interest in helping people to understand their musculoskeletal system better.

Jason’s confidence and compassion for everyone he encounters shine through everything he does. By sharing his own experiences with others to help them in their own healing process, he feels as though his work holds meaning.

With the belief that if you can develop an understanding of how the body heals and how to move your body properly, Jason believes that it is then that people can become their own teachers. He specialises in Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage using various techniques of traditional Swedish and modern methods. He feels honoured to be able to help people improve their posture, sleep better and perform more productively at work.

As a qualified Animal Flow instructor, Jason shares his passion for movement with the idea that we are all designed to move. He believes movement not only makes people feel good physically but helps them to discover a balance emotionally and develop a connection to their inner self.

Animal Flow Instructor (Level 1)
Licensed Massage Therapist