5 Ways to Incorporate Workplace Wellbeing Into Your Office

Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth , Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Imagine your dream day at work. Maybe it starts with a coffee in hand and a leisurely ding at the elevator. Perhaps you envisage a sea of smiling faces greeting you as you approach your desk. As the day goes by, it’s probably dotted with well managed breaks, inspiring meetings, and thought provoking conversations. Sounds like a company with a hearty workplace wellbeing program in order!

How does that dream day come to life? A recent study by WorkScore has found “workplaces that care about employee wellbeing have over six times more employees who are happy at work”. You can use these 5 ways to incorporate wellbeing into your office to see your vision come to life.

Swedish companies, like Spotify, are trailblazing workplace wellbeing by implementing wellbeing programs for employees to create a happier and healthier environment. It’s time for Perth businesses to get on board with the employee wellbeing bandwagon. Here are our 5 ways to incorporate workplace wellbeing into your Perth office:

Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth, Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Do some chair yoga

Chair yoga is a low cost workplace wellbeing practice that doesn’t take up space! While we admit, it might make your coworkers giggle, chair yoga has been found to be more effective than music therapy in improving brain function! Myall offers chair yoga workshops to Perth businesses as part of our corporate wellbeing programs.

Get a massage therapist in for chair massages

Massage at your desk? Yes, please! 

Chair massages can:

  • lower anxiety
  • increase brain activity by improving circulation
  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve muscle pains and headaches

If the prospect of receiving a chair massage when you get to work doesn’t increase your offices’ employee wellbeing and satisfaction, we don’t know what will.



Start your meetings with a meditation

Google and Apple include meditation in their corporate wellbeing programs, and so can you! We’ve all been to disjointed and confusing meetings. Pre-meeting meditation will allow the conversation to flow in a more productive manner. If you’re not sure how to implement this in your office, we have skilled meditation teachers that will make your team a productivity powerhouse.


Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth , Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Incorporate Lunch and Learn into your workweek

Mindfulness starts with self-awareness and adequate knowledge. Making sure your office is educated in wellbeing topics is a key component to any good corporate wellbeing program. It’s also a great way to enhance your offices’ social wellbeing. Lunch and Learn workshops allow for a casual social setting based around educating on wellbeing topics like nutrition and sleep science.


Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth , Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Change up your scenery

A change of scenery helps you retain and recall information better, revives your mind and improves productivity. Try incorporating walking meetings and external meetings into the workweek to boost your employee wellbeing and prompt creativity. Did you know we rent out our beautiful, light filled studio for corporate meetings?


Investing in well rounded workplace wellbeing initiatives is a win-win! On average, corporate wellbeing programs save $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing and health. Every workday can and should be a dream workday!

If you want to know how you can bring some more wellbeing to your workplace, get in touch!