How to Promote Workplace Wellbeing this R U OK? Day

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How to promote workplace wellbeing - Yoga Perth

As 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, it is now more important than ever to connect or reconnect, with those in our lives who may be struggling. Each year, R U OK? Day encourages us to have meaningful conversations with friends, family and colleagues, normalising a discussion that can sometimes be difficult to have. This is an ideal opportunity for employees, employers and business leaders to think about how to promote workplace wellbeing.

Australians spend a majority of their time at work, 37 to 42 hours a week on average. This makes it one of the most important places to connect with others and initiate conversation. Workplace mental health can impact employee productivity, concentration and performance levels. This can then put businesses at risk of high turnover and an increase in worker’s compensation claims.

At Myall, we are focusing on how to promote workplace wellbeing and empowering the Perth CBD community to develop workplace culture. We know that a healthy workplace, one that has a positive and supportive environment – is crucial to our overall wellbeing. Investing in the mental health of our workforce has never been so important.

Here are some of our tips on how you can support workplace wellbeing this R U OK? Day:

1. Mindfulness Meetings

Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth, Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Why not start your next meeting with a minute of mindful meditation? Meetings can be an incredible waste of time when people aren’t really listening. People are typically focused on their never-ending to-do list and trying to plan the rest of their day. Beginning the meeting with a quick mindfulness session will allow people to stay focused and present, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Bored of the boardroom? Step outside the office and hold your next staff meeting with a Mindful Meeting session at Myall! Your team can enjoy a 30-minute guided meditation class followed by an hour in our studio, fully equipped with a projector, whiteboard and sound system. Contact us to find out more about our corporate packages.

2. Team Meditation Sessions

Perth 2019: Myall Wellbeing, Perth, Western Australia. February 1, 2019 (Image by Sabine Albers)

Take a break from the office and invigorate your team with a group meditation session! Practising together is an easy way to promote social interaction and open doors of communication. It can also help reduce interpersonal conflict and allow colleagues to interact with each other without judgement. Myall will run extra guided meditation sessions on R U OK? Day, centred around mental wellbeing. It’s the perfect excuse to take a long lunch with the team and relax and recharge for the rest of the day.

3. Implement a Workplace Wellbeing Program

Australians spend approximately one-third of their lives at work, making it a heavily influential place where we are likely to adopt healthy habits. Implementing a successful workplace wellbeing program will have a lasting, positive impact on the productivity of your business and the lives of the people working around you. Educate your employees on health and wellness and encourage them to stay active. Physical activity has extensive benefits on mental health, so get up and get moving, it’s good for the body, and for the brain!

Prioritise corporate wellbeing this R U OK? Day and join us in the studio on Thursday the 10th of September as we raise money for mental health and suicide prevention. Every workplace needs a wellbeing champion! Take the first step and bring along your team of co-workers for a day filled with meditation sessions, fun events as well as a healthy morning tea. It’s a great opportunity to support a great cause.

Now is the time to nurture our corporate wellbeing, and create a healthier, happier workplace culture. We all know that a mentally healthy workforce is the best investment for your business.