Yoga in uncertain times – how can a regular yoga practice help us?

Yoga in uncertain times
At home yoga practice

We hear all too often about how having a regular yoga practice can help us, but how can yoga actually help us in uncertain times? All of us have faced different challenges as a result of COVID-19. It may affect our work, our family, our social life, and often our mental health. After all, it’s unnatural for humans to keep a physical distance from each other, especially those close to us. Feelings of uncertainty wash over us, often associated with fear of what the future may hold. We’ve been forced to ‘go with the flow’ and adapt overnight to sudden changes. Any planning in our private and work lives has become virtually impossible. This is where the practice of yoga comes in. Having a regular yoga practice can help with our physical health, emotional wellbeing and mental clarity.

Those of us who already have a regular yoga practice would be acutely aware of the precious tools this practice gives us to better cope with our current situation and the many benefits to our mental health. On the other hand, you might be looking for an effective modality to help cope with life’s challenges right now. If you’re a newbie to yoga, you will certainly benefit from finding some stillness in this practice.

Physical health

Asana is the physical practice of yoga and relates to the body and is also another word used to describe the poses or postures of yoga. Working from home all day could mean less incidental exercise and overall movement. Being stuck at home all day can also make it difficult to switch on for a day of work, which is why we offer our Rise & Shine Yoga classes in the mornings to help kickstart your day. Our Rest & Restore Yoga classes are offered in the late afternoon to help you wind down from your day and relax before bed.

Emotional wellbeing

One way to truly be present in the current moment is to practice mindfulness meditation. Even in practising the asanas and drawing attention to our breath, we’re teaching ourselves to integrate that awareness into our everyday lives. Having this awareness can help us to process what’s happening within us and around us. Without realising it, when we feel stressed or anxious, we start to fixate on the past or what potentially might happen in the future, without identifying what this kind of stress can bring to our present experience. During a yoga practice, we work on calming the mind and changing the way we experience stress which in turn helps us to stay in the present.

Mental clarity

Moving your body in sync with your breath is a tool that serves as an anchor to the present moment. The fluid nature of the poses helps us to focus on the sensation we’re feeling in our bodies instead of getting caught up in our heads. The breathing techniques explored throughout a yoga practise increases the supply of oxygen to your brain, promoting a state of calmness in the mind. When practised properly, using breathing techniques activates the relaxation response. By supporting your parasympathetic nervous system, you can lower the adverse effects of stress on your body and mind. In the face of adversity, your resilience will be strengthened, and your mind will be more focused on the present.

As human beings, our physical state affects us emotionally and mentally and vice versa. Regular movement, in combination with breathwork and meditation, can help us to stay grounded in times of uncertainty. The challenges we face on any given day can be addressed with more ease. By taking care of ourselves with a regular yoga practice, we can be a support and positive influence on others during challenging times.

We have regular yoga, Pilates and meditation classes available for booking. Our in-studio timetable is regularly updated and our virtual studio timetable can be accessed today from the comfort of your home. When you book online, we also send you the recording of the class shortly after via email. This class recording is available for you to access and repeat for up to 72 hours after the class.