Health Measures at Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio

I’d like to update you regarding our response to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation so you can rest assured we take everyone’s wellbeing very seriously.
Although the risk to our members, guests and affiliates is low, we recognise the situation is potentially unsettling and so are monitoring closely and able to respond quickly to any arising changes. We are keeping up to date with official information including guidance from CDC – Centres for Disease Control & Prevention and the (WHO) World Health Organisation as well as the Australian Governments Department of Health.

At the studio we have already implemented numerous practical changes to our day to day operations including increased hygiene protocols, more regular cleaning of mats, increased potency of antibacterial agents in cleaning products, hand sanitisers readily available throughout the studio, as well as adequate signage to notify.

Over the coming period, we ask that:
  • – You use the available hand sanitiser prior to entering the studio and again before your departure.
  • – You thoroughly wash your hands when using the facilities
  • – You clean your mat with the provided disinfectants before and after class
  • – You listen to your body and if you’re not feeling well, even if with a cold, runny nose, cough or fever, you stay home until the symptoms have passed.
  • – You adhere to the recommended 14 self-quarantine period if you’ve recently travelled to China, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Italy or Mongolia or any other high risk countries or have been in close contact with someone who has
Also note that the heating systems at Myall are Infra Red Heaters and our air conditioning system uses high level filtration and fresh air circulation that help us remain on top of our health and keep our environment hygienic.
The best defence is always to promote and boost your immune system and our yoga, Pilates and meditation practices as well as massage therapy are  fantastic to support this.
We do ask that you monitor your own wellness and take self responsibility to protect other members if you are feeling unwell or have recently been in areas of concern or contact with those who have.
In joy and wellbeing,