Nobody knows you like you do

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Nobody knows you like you do. And with that comes with radical responsibility.

Responsibility to honour yourself right now, based on how you feel right now. Responsibility to honour yourself based on your energy level, on what would bring you joy, and what’s within your capacity today, or this week or this month.

Every choice you have made thus far has resulted in some kind of outcome. It resulted in you feeling good, feeling not so good, feeling uplifted, feeling empowered, feeling depleted, maybe regretful, judged or ashamed.

Every single one of these choices and their outcomes has been filed away in your mind as feedback, or evidence. The code to unlocking this safe with your gathered evidence is simple.

It’s a decision.

A decision to take interest in yourself, to slow down and be quiet enough to experience and hear the feedback that your body is communicating with you after every single choice. While it might sound like hard work. It’s not.

It requires you to keep making the choices that are leading you towards happiness, health, and relationships that reflect the best in you and steer away from the choices that you know are robbing you of energy, moving you in the opposite direction of good health and potentially damaging your relationships.

It’s about letting go of the fast pace, the noise, the over commitment, the rigidity, and the must do. Instead you need to adopt a curious and experimental mind where you might just fall in love with something new.

Like a new practice, moving more, moving less, taking a new route to work, a new favourite meal, a different way to spend your Friday evening, saying no, saying yes, setting boundaries, or giving yourself space. There are so many ways to honour yourself positively, and the best way to discover what’s right for you is try something new.

Why not try one of our meditation classes? We are absolutely loving our Sound Meditation at Friday lunch times at the moment. The beautiful and peaceful melodies are an amazing way to empty and refocus your mind.

Nobody knows you like you do. And that comes with radical responsibility.

Author: Kelly Dalby