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Fern Smyth
Pilates and Yoga Instructor

I believe…

We need to slow down. Sometimes, when I’m rushing from studio to studio to teach various Pilates and Yoga classes, it’s good to be reminded. Often we rush out of habit, and it’s nice to take a pause in the day to slow things down a little.

I am…

A bit chaotic.
Contrary to what people might think, I’m a little chaotic, however, I find order in movement and exercise modalities. I find it incredibly calming, and I like to think I bring this grounded feeling to my classes. I’m human. Everything else in my life can be chaos but my work life is always extremely organised. That’s why I love what I do, not only do I find order but also a sense of peace.

Forever learning.
I love to learn. That’s why I’ve done so many different things. The more you learn, the more you realise that you don’t know everything, and I think it’s humbling. When I learn something new, I feel a huge gap and it makes me want to soak up more knowledge and find out why something is the way it is.

Fascinated by how unique every individual is.
When I am teaching, I adapt movements to suit the different bodies in the room. Anyone who has done my classes before would know that I am quite particular about the correct form and purpose of any movement. I love to provide variations to those who might have limitations.

Busy with my hobbies.
I love plants – succulents, aloes, and cacti to name a few. I have so many plants, I had to relocate them to my parents’ bigger yard. I also build tiny houses, which takes so much time and energy. It can also be extremely messy but I love how I can focus on one task for such long periods of time. I find it therapeutic after a long day of teaching.

Fern Smyth, Pilates and Yoga Instructor
Fern is a qualified Microbiologist who hung up the lab coat to wear her Lululemon activewear as a full-time Pilates and Yoga Instructor. She has been part of the Myall team since the very beginning and fondly describes Emma as her yoga mum.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Fern shifted to Australia in her late teens and went on to study Microbiology. After completing her studies, she worked for several years in a research lab at a medical centre in Perth. In her spare time, she would go to all the social club fitness classes organised by her work. It was after her fitness instructor suggested that she could teach BODYBALANCETM classes that it sparked her interest in learning to teach Pilates. She felt shy and nervous at the beginning but equally had the desire to encourage other people to feel the same benefits and love the classes as much as she did.

Fern believes that every student who walks into her class should leave feeling like their body is different in some way. As she instructs, her voice is deceptively pleasant and calm, when the movements are super challenging and will push anyone to their limits.

Bachelor of Sciences (Honours)
Matwork and Reformer Pilates Certificate, Studio Pilates
Matwork Teacher Training, BASI
Barre Teacher Training
Body Balance, Les Mills
200hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training, Nomad Yoga
50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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