Feeling well isn’t accidental


A regular wellbeing practice doesn’t create itself. A regular wellbeing practice requires us to respect that all aspects of us require some nurturing and attention and creatively prioritise the inclusion of them into our days. This is both critical and very interesting.

Our mental health requires us to create moments of “stillness, quietness and space” alongside its need for us to “stimulate” the mind through learning new things, varying our inputs and expanding our perspective.

Meditation and Rest & Restore Yin Yoga is particularly supportive of this through giving you that time and space, stillness and quietness – do you feel your body soften just at the very though of that?

Our physical wellbeing requires us to gather energy and vitality through nourishing foods, regular and varied, multi-directional movement, adequate stretching, opening and hydrating of the body tissue, opportunities to cultivate strength and challenge your body into “positive change and growth” through activities that support all of this.

You will love our Pilates for its isolation, its precision and exploration, our Rise & Shine Vinyasa Flow to awaken your body intentionally into your day or our Heated classes that utilise radiant heating panels that have the same effect as Infra-red sauna system which is felt as a warming from the inside out creating detoxification and therapeutic support for muscle aches and pains (amongst a list of many many other benefits).

Our spiritual wellbeing requires us to honour the greater world, the natural world, as well as our own internal world, because when we do… there is much joy and connection to be experienced.

Your wellbeing requires you to honour this, plan your days and weeks to integrate all of these things and after a while, when you notice yourself feeling more grounded, more alive, able to clear you mind and choose which thoughts to energise, you notice your relationships improve, your choices better align… you will give just as much weight to your wellbeing practice as you do to your own hygiene. Your wellbeing is a hygiene of its own and here at Myall, we have all of these bases covered.

Step into 14 days for just $39 and experience the full spectrum of complete wellbeing or jump in to our 30 Day Challenge this November for unlimited classes and a whole lot of community connection.

You can purchase your intro offer here or register for the challenge here afterall, doing something “now” instead of adding it to the “to do” list is one way of nourishing your mental health through the development of new behaviours.

Author: Kelly Dalby for Myall Wellbeing