Emma Pugsley ~ Studio Owner

Owner of Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio
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Emma Pugsley
Studio Owner & Yoga Instructor

I believe…

I love the quote “Love your body, fuel your body. Care for it as the delicate, powerful vessel it is. Keeping your mind and body in the best condition possible”. I believe it’s something we should practice daily. I do so. myself, I keep very active walking and practicing yoga at the studio. We live in Cottesloe, which has the most beautiful coastal walks, so you’ll often find me out walking by the beach.

I am…

Giving my all.
My passion projects are what I put everything into, and I feel very lucky to have yoga in my life. Throughout my life in the corporate world, I was the social butterfly. Always organising catch-ups with my girlfriends and also my family. I invested all my time and energy into creating and building relationships that I’ll treasure forever. Recently my attention and focus have shifted toward building my business so that I can support my beautiful team and our clients. When I look at what this passion project has become, it warms my heart to see what we’ve created as a team at Myall Wellbeing.

Passionate about empowering those around me to take care of themselves.
As Buddha once said, “Every human is the author of their own health or disease.” We all have a role to play in our own wellbeing and we are individually responsible for our lifestyle choices while our family, our employer, and our community also have a very large supporting role to play.

Part of a beautiful family.
I have very loving and supportive relationships with my siblings. I adore my nieces and nephews and I’m so proud to be a Great Aunt to their children. It’s such a special time for my family, to have 3 generations. My mum and dad who are sadly no longer with us would be so proud.

Emma Pugsley, Studio Owner & Yoga Instructor
Emma is our passionate Studio Owner who has often been referred to as a little pocket-rocket. She pours this energy into her studio (aka her home away from home) each day. Her lifelong commitment to health, wellbeing, and fitness reflects in her ability to motivate and empower those around her.

With more than 29 years of experience, Emma has worked as a Chartered Accountant in senior corporate roles, for the likes of Rio Tinto. She experienced firsthand the sedentary and often demanding nature of office environments. Witnessing how this ‘strive to survive’ mindset has a negative impact on health and wellbeing, rather than having a ‘thriving and living with purpose’ mindset, Emma had a desire to change this. Several years ago she left her job as a Finance Director and embarked on her Yoga Teaching Training for her own personal development, and through the wanted to share the practice with those she knew would benefit immensely from it.

Emma created the Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in the heart of the Perth CBD so that she could offer the sanctuary space she wished for when she was working in the city. For her, it’s about sharing an inviting space with like-minded people who really love and want to share the benefits of wellbeing.

Emma’s classes are uplifting and dynamic with a focus on tuning into the power of breath, body, and the mind. She encourages people to notice how they feel in their bodies and in each pose to evoke a sense of “well-being”.

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Western Australia
Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
350hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training, InYoga

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