Creating your own sacred space at home


We are drawn to particular places or the company of certain people because of the way we feel when we are in that space. Creating that special space at home for your yoga practice is a very important step in the development of our practice.

It’s true that in the past, we may not have been motivated to form and strengthen our own personal yoga practice at home because it just didn’t feel the same. Sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on why it feels different, and that is how the world of energy works – there aren’t always words that accurately describe feelings, in fact the indigenous people believe we speak far too much, which weakens our other special senses.

Let’s use this time in isolation to create a sacred space at home for ourselves – this alone is such a respectful gesture towards ourselves.

This sacred space needs to be inviting enough that you begin to crave time there again and again. It feels so nice that you might even stay a while after your class if time allows.

This space would have some natural light, fresh air, perhaps a plant, even a candle or a diffuser.

The creation of this space for yourself, and all of its individual elements create a ritual, or a practice of their own and soon, your yoga practice is not limited to your time with your teacher on your mat, but the time in preparation, the creation of your space, the clearing of that room – just as we yoga teachers do in preparation of your class at the studio.

From our sacred space to yours, we look forward to practicing with you soon.

Author: Kelly Dalby