Creating Holiday Moments Everyday

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What is it about your holidays that you love the most?

Is it disconnecting from work?

Is it the freedom to wake naturally?

The excuse to slow right down?

To explore and wander through places you have never been.

To dedicate hours to reading a really good book without the guilt of knowing there are other things you “should” be doing.

Perhaps the permission you grant yourself to let go of your rules or restrictions and really enjoy the foods you love, a glass of wine, a cocktail and sunset?

Is it different cuisines or meals you wouldn’t cook at home?

Why is it that we limit ourselves to these gestures only when we set off on “official holidays”.

At Myall we truly believe that creating this freedom every single day is possible.

By setting boundaries around our work, email, and online availability. Not necessarily with colleagues or employers but within and for ourselves and for our family.

By creating some good sleep patterns, and taking time before bedtime to read your book rather than get lost in your screen.

By intentionally slowing down your speed.

By taking a different route to work, even a longer more scenic route.

By dedicating one dinner a week to a new recipe or a new restaurant.

Try choosing your least favourite day of the week and creatively turning that day into your favourite day of the week by taking responsibility for your own happiness via any of the above “holiday injections” into your day.

What about attending a Myall class you haven’t before, or spending a few extra moments in Savasana. It’s about small changes that make a big impact.

With conscious choices, it’s a real possibility.

Author: Kelly Dalby – Holistic Health Coach