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Employee Wellbeing

A work culture focused on employee wellbeing creates a healthier, happier, engaged, and energised workplace, leading to improvements to all aspects of wellbeing for employees. When employees feel well, they’re less likely to be distracted or distressed in a workplace and more likely to be productive and focused. Maintaining health and wellbeing can be a balancing act, particularly in the busyness of the world and work life.

At Myall Wellbeing we are passionate about holistic wellbeing, balancing work and life through mind, body and spirit. We have extensive experience providing corporate wellbeing solutions to corporate and government entities based in Western Australia and beyond. Tailoring employee wellbeing programs to include a combination of wellbeing workshops, yoga or Pilates classes, guided meditation sessions or corporate massage, we have a solution to fit the needs of your corporate wellbeing. These corporate wellbeing services can be delivered in the comfort of your office or virtually at your preferred location.

Our corporate wellbeing services team is dedicated to empowering our community to live healthy and fulfilling lives and we can show you how return on investment into employee wellbeing is not only measurable, but leads to a safer workplace with improved productivity, creative thinking and greater satisfaction for employees.

Why is Employee Wellbeing Important?

Nearly 77% of Australian employees indicated in a recent survey that work is their biggest source of stress. Some level of stress is necessary for motivation and performance but chronic stress is damaging for health and can result in burnout. When employees feel that their employer genuinely cares about their emotional, mental and physical health and overall wellbeing through a corporate wellbeing program, they feel supported which ultimately leads to a more satisfied workforce which creates a better workplace culture and in turn lowers staff turnover. A corporate wellbeing program focuses employees on work-life balance.

At Myall Wellbeing, we see employee wellbeing as a much broader aspect of a person’s health, not just in the workplace. If an employee is feeling unhappy at work, it transfers into every aspect of their lives. Myall’s corporate wellbeing programs are tailored to each organisation’s needs and cover a wide range of corporate wellbeing activities.

1 in 3 working age Australians
have at least 1 of 8 selected chronic diseases including heart disease, depression, diabetes and osteoporosis

$34 billion
is the annual cost of lost productivity to the Australian economy due to presenteeism

of businesses said depression, anxiety and stress caused increases in workplace absences in the last year

1 in 5 employees
are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition

Employee Wellbeing Programs

At Myall Wellbeing we create tailored employee wellbeing solutions to help your teams bring more ease into their workday and thereby increase productivity, creativity and focus at work.

We can tailor anything from one day workshops, teaching your team how to reduce stress and work productively to weekly corporate massage and yoga, Pilates or meditation sessions. We help your teams discover mindfulness and wellbeing practices that can easily be implemented into a busy workday onsite at your office or virtually.

How we will work with you.

In your office



How do we tailor a program?

With a dynamic approach, we can tailor a wellbeing program to suit your needs. We take the time to get to know you and bring into consideration a number of factors including:

Your workplace environment

We take into account whether your employees work in an office together or remotely, as well as, understanding the nature of your employees’ work and whether it’s sedentary or strenuous. By learning these things, we can start to plan out whether we deliver the services to you onsite, at our studio or virtually.

Your team’s interests

Insights about the age range of your employees and whether they’re more inclined to enjoy movement or meditation help us to start building a program that will be desirable and accessible to each individual and your team collectively.

What motivates your team

Depending on your team’s motivation, we create competitive corporate wellbeing programs for individuals or small groups. In addition to this, or alternatively, we can send you regular information cards about our corporate wellbeing programs which can be emailed out to your employees as a way of engaging, educating and informing them of the employee wellbeing services on offer.

Your desired outcomes

When employee wellbeing in a workplace is sponsored and championed from the top level down, it can have a profound effect on a team. In fact, it’s integral that we meet with you and discuss your overarching corporate wellbeing values and goals so that we develop a corporate wellbeing solution that aligns with the leadership team’s vision and the organisational strategic plan.

We partner with accredited professionals.


Sonya Douglas
Director and Accredited Practising Dietitian at Dietwise

Partnering with Myall Wellbeing helped us to bring wellness to life for our staff. We look forward to our private yoga sessions each week. Employing mindfulness techniques and movement practices into our work week means we can support our staff to be and feel their best.

Chris Schleising, Senior Systems Engineer, Sentient Computing

Myall Wellbeing is our local wellbeing partner of choice in Perth. Myall’s experienced yoga and Pilates instructors and therapists visit our premises (100 St Georges Terrace) regularly for corporate classes and massages. Feedback from our tenants, INPEX, Microsoft, Santos Ltd and NAB whose employees enjoy Myall’s weekly wellbeing program has always been positive. We feel confident that we’re in good hands with Emma and her team at Myall!

Jennifer Garlick, Tenant Services Manager, JLL

Just some of our clients we’ve delivered corporate wellbeing programs for

Ready to have a conversation with us about corporate wellbeing? Reach out to us at to arrange an appointment to discuss your organisational needs.

Our belief is that every business and team is unique and that’s how we approach corporate wellbeing. We want to sit down with you in person to learn more about you and your team. From there we can start to strategise an effective way to implement corporate wellbeing programs in a way that inspires your team and translates into positive results.

Bring wellbeing to life for your workforce