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Chelsea Tidman
Yoga Instructor

I believe…

In the power of gratitude. After all, you give life to what you give energy to.

I am…

Fascinated by all things wellness-related.
When I was only young, I was fascinated by the human body. When I finished school I went on to study nutrition at university. Throughout years of study and self-discovery, I’ve learned that health is so much broader than what you eat and how you exercise. Wellness is truly an inside job and it extends to your mindset, your quality of sleep, positive relationships, stress and so much more. My whole perception of being “healthy” has shifted drastically over the last decade, with a greater focus on how I feel inside rather than external things.

Starting each day with a grateful heart.
I try to start each day being grateful about something. I notice when I start my day like this, my mindset focuses on the good things. A positive mindset can lead to great things!

I began my journey in the field of health and wellness, a decade ago, originally turning to these modalities as a way of dealing with times of challenge and distress. What I learned was that having knowledge is one thing, but “doing” is what actually puts knowledge to good use, it’s what make goals a reality and it helps us create a fulfilling life. I’m just like you, I’m not perfect and I don’t confess to having a “perfect” routine. I’m realising more and more, it’s about embracing our imperfections and striving to just put something into action each day, which allows us to become one step closer towards the version of ourselves we aspire to be.

Chelsea Tidman, Yoga Instructor
Chelsea loves sharing her passion for movement and mindfulness. Over the years, implementing daily movement and mindfulness rituals have been useful tools for Chelsea to find more balance and stability in her life and she hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Originally from Melbourne, she moved to the west coast several years ago and is in awe of our stunning coastline and sunshiney weather. With degrees in marketing and nutrition, and being a qualified Yoga Teacher, she is part of the Myall Team in more ways than one, also assisting with the marketing and corporate wellbeing parts of the business. She has long been passionate about working in the wellbeing industry and loves that she is following her heart in working in a team that inspires others to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Chelsea loves to guide her students through their practice and hopes that in this they will reconnect with their breath, mind and body. Exploring vulnerability, getting out of her comfort zone and connecting with a community of like-minded people, is what brings Chelsea joy. Her classes are gentle and grounding with the aim to quieten the mind and calm the body.

200hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga Social
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition, Deakin University, Melbourne
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Deakin University, Melbourne

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