Brett Young ~ Mindfulness Coach

Brett, a mindfulness coach, yoga and meditation instructor
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Brett Young
Mindfulness Coach

I believe…

That whatever you choose to do, endeavour to be the best that you can be at it.

I am…

Always learning.
I began my yoga journey in my twenties, seeking physical challenge and recovery from a battered, bruised, and broken rugby body. I discovered the connection between yoga and mindfulness by accident and have loved the effect the practice has had on my state of mind and satisfaction with life.

Not afraid of pushing my boundaries.
At my first silent meditation retreat, I spent seven days in silence, with no eye contact or communication with anyone. I found the simplicity of self-inquiry initially excruciating, then interesting, and finally, deeply satisfying. It sparked an interest inside of me to continue to learn about myself and share the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness with others.

Training to handstand.
For the last twelve months, I’ve been training handstands. The body wasn’t designed to be upside down and it feels good to do something that’s not necessarily natural. It’s challenging and rewarding.

A lover of the outdoors.
I do a lot of mountain bike riding, hiking, and road cycling. Often, I’ll ride to the studio on my bike and take it up into the hills on weekends. I love to challenge myself, and have competed in a 2-day endurance race, Avon Descent on several occasions.

Able to speak German.
On two separate occasions, I was fortunate to live and work in Germany. I have enjoyed gaining an intimate understanding of another country and feel lucky for having this opportunity.

Brett Young, Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Brett is a qualified Mechanical Engineer who decided he could do more for the world if he took the leap and swapped careers to follow his passion for wellbeing. He is now spending more of his time helping people to realise their potential and simultaneously discover a sense of balance and ease in their lives.

Brett has worked in Australia and Germany in the oil and gas industry for 12 years, including several years FIFO. Throughout his career, he always found himself gravitating towards roles that were more people focused, centered around caring for people to help them reach their potential.

Having an in-depth understanding of the lifestyle people in corporate roles experience, he wanted to learn better how he could best serve people like himself. Brett studied yoga, meditation, and coaching and now as a Mindfulness Coach pursues his desire to share this knowledge with others.

Through the charity, YOGAZEIT, Brett also teaches yoga and mindfulness to children, seniors, and the homeless. He firmly believes these skills and techniques should be accessible for all.

Brett cultivates a sense of calm in each of his sessions. Normalising discussions around mental health, Brett brings energy, enthusiasm, and emotion to his classes, helping his students be present in the room. What makes Brett feel accomplished, is when students can take what they experienced in his class and apply it to their lives off the mat.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University of Technology
Diploma of Project Management, Australian Institute of Management
200hr Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training, Flowspace
30hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, YOGAZEIT
Chair Yoga Teacher Training, YOGAZEIT

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