Benefits of Infrared Heated Yoga

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Heated yoga has been around for centuries! Which makes sense, seeing as Yoga began in India under the hot sun. Infrared Heated Yoga takes heated yoga to a new level.

As people have taken hot yoga into the studio, the result can be rather unpleasant, with the heat artificially generated through central heating.  As the room fills with hot air, it can feel very stuffy leaving you feeling parched and short of breath. It can be hard to relax and lose yourself in the movement like you would in an ordinary yoga class.

On our quest to creating a beautifully modern studio, we looked for something different, something that would feel as though you were practicing in the sunshine. A heat that gave a slow build of inner warmth, rather than an overwhelming sensation that took over your whole body and the room!

Our heated yoga classes are powered with infrared heat. A technology that imitates the heat from the sun without the harmful UV rays. The main difference is that infrared heats up surfaces which can absorb heat, not the surrounding environment.

Meaning you get the benefits of increased flexibility like you would from any other heated yoga classes, plus a variety of health and wellbeing benefits. As you absorb the infrared heat it enhances blood circulation and oxygenation leading to reduced inflammation and pain, improved collagen production, and increased immune function!

There have also been studies that show infrared heat may help reduce, and eliminate toxins that accumulate in your body. These toxins are a build-up of the food you eat, the lifestyle you lead, the environment you live in and the air you breathe.

As you sweat, these toxins are eliminated. In fact, sweat produced under infrared heat has been shown to contain around seven times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat!

Our heated yoga classes are set to a comfortable 26 – 28 degrees. This is balmy temperate class is a great addition to your weekly routine. Take a look at the timetable to see when you can try an infrared heated yoga class.