Benefits of a morning yoga practice


Morning exercise is a great way to start the day. But for many of us non “morning people”, waking up is a constant battle between the snooze button and dragging ourselves out of bed. We can all be tempted to sleep that little while longer in the hope of being less tired during the day, however, contrary to what many may think, exercising in the morning can actually help to increase our energy levels! Whilst the thought of a morning run or high intensity workout may not appeal to most, yoga, for instance, can be a great way to ease into the day more mindfully.

Morning yoga is a great way to establish a routine and adopt healthy habits. By starting the day with an early session you’ll be more likely to continue making better wellness choices throughout the day. Making yoga a daily habit will have lasting effects on the body and mind. You’ll feel more accomplished, confident and ready to tackle the day with a positive outlook on life!

Practicing yoga in the morning can help with mental clarity by clearing the mind and allowing for better focus throughout the day. You’ll be more optimistic and less susceptible to stress, setting you up for a positive and productive workday. Our Rise and Shine Vinyasa yoga class helps to power up the mind and body for the day ahead, switching on the brain and jump starting your metabolism.

Any form of movement can be an amazing source of energy, so there is no surprise that doing yoga in the morning can actually help to boost energy levels. Stretching when we wake up helps to awaken the body and reactivate the muscles, making us feel a lot more alert and motivated throughout the day. It even can do a better job than coffee!

Yoga, like any form of exercise, when practiced in the morning, can improve both the length and quality of sleep by promoting deeper sleep cycles. Those that wake up early to exercise generally experience a healthy sense of fatigue at the end of the day, helping you to fall asleep a lot easier and sleep for a little while longer.

Morning yoga is one of the most rejuvenating and enlightening experiences you can have to start your day. Incorporating a session into your daily routine can instil a variety of positive changes on your mind and body, from improved energy levels and sleep to lower stress and anxiety. If you’re not already a morning person, try starting your awakening process with a yoga flow at Myall. You’ll reap the physical and mental benefits all throughout the day, and for years to come!

Our beautiful inner city yoga studio has all the amenities you need to start your day, so you can float from your morning practice to work! Try one of our morning classes for yourself and notice the difference.