Are you encouraging feelings of anxiety or ease through your choices?

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The nervous system responds to the lifestyle that we live, and the choices that we make. While it’s necessary for us to exert effort and challenge our bodies to develop physical strength and resilience, if you’re someone who is navigating anxiety or overwhelm, it’s highly encouraged that you to consider nurturing yourself through practices and modalities that calm your nervous system, rather than stimulate a stress response.

Although intense training can be a wonderful form or stress relief, (and trust me, I love to sweat it out as much as the next person) it is still stress inducing for the body. This is the whole point – we create micro traumas in the body tissue when we train and through adequate rest and nutrition our muscles heal and grow stronger in the process.

This is not to say that if you are an anxious person, or someone who operates close to your tipping point that you should never take part in that kind of training, and as a Holistic Counsellor, I steer clear of absolutes and rigidity, but rather take interest in your current mind state at any given time to help you choose an activity that supports the way you feel in the moment.

Some things to ponder;
Between your tipping point and ease-fulness, where would you sit generally?
Between all or nothing, where do you reside?

If you’re feeling frazzled, perhaps experimenting with something soothing, slow paced, and nourishing would support you.

If you’re feeling sluggish, then a brisk walk outside or some stretches would move some energy and awaken the body.

Yoga, Pilates and meditation practices – all holistic in their nature have the ability to tick several boxes, integrating the mind, awareness, concentration, connection to the body and self soothing.

There will always be certain behaviours and choices that feel more at home to us, and tendencies we will lean towards, but the journey towards peacefulness and ease will be one of consideration, curiosity and exploring the things that might better support the way we wish to feel.

Author: Kelly Dalby, Holistic Counsellor