A reframing of work-life balance

Work Life Balance in the City
Getting back to "normal" - work life balance

The question remains the same no matter which viewpoint on work-life balance we take. “Where are you placing priority?”

Ahead of time we schedule meetings, we work on our networking, we mark-out time for calls, we schedule our car servicing, but is your own “self care”, your “mental health maintenance” the things that improve your total well-being, ranking as high on your list of priorities? Are these things even on that list or do you find yourself reaching for them only after breaking point has been reached?

From a holistic view point, self care practices create mental space, which improves tolerance, which leads to healthier relationships, more balanced behaviours and greater happiness, so why is it that we can’t seem to get this ‘work-life’ balance right?

This really does depend on the importance you place on the management of your self as a whole and complete being – not simply your physique and your ‘fitness’, not simply the way you manage your mind and anxiety in its isolation, not simply the way you nourish yourself through rest, meaningful conversation and nutrient rich food, but all of this. All of this together and everything in between.

The way you balance what you should be doing, what you need to be doing, what you want to be doing, what is truly fulfilling and nourishing for your body, your mind and your spirit – maybe this is the ratio of work-life balance.

Responsibility and joy, maybe that is the better ratio we should be attempting to balance?

Food for thought as we emerge from this chapter and back into freedom and therefore expansive choice. How can you balance your responsibility and joy?

Author: Kelly Dalby

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