A Message for the Busiest Minds

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Trust me when I tell you that meditation IS your bridge to peace and quiet. I am speaking to the busy minds, the busiest minds even, I am speaking to the judgemental and critical thoughts, I am speaking to the corporate minds, and especially the creative minds, I am speaking to the curious minds and the minds that are craving some space, some silence, some clarity.

Meditation is literally your bridge to your most natural state – peace.

To sit in stillness in your own space inside yourself, is terrifying for some. I get that, and it took me 34 years to open my mind enough to see the epic productivity in stillness. The moment you give yourself permission to just be there, and be ok with however that short 30 minutes pans out, is a memorable moment because you have surrendered. There is no one in particular to be, there is nothing to achieve, no thoughts or noise to push out. This is an invitation to sit there, or lay down, amongst all of it, guided by a teacher into a state of you. It takes practice, it is a practice, that’s all it is, a practice. The only thing to develop or get better at is the surrendering. The acceptance of how it unfolded.

I’ve heard people say “it’s not for everyone”, and I have to disagree. Sitting in your own space, with your own awareness, to drift off into peace – our natural state – is absolutely for everyone. Our breath is a physiological function, the way we execute it will affect our mind state, and sitting still without distraction, choosing to be uncontactable from the world for 30 minutes to regroup all aspects of yourself- what a powerful gesture. Imagine the state of mind you open your eyes too after such a thing.

We see our students drift out after meditation or hear the ultimate softness in their voice when they farewell us from a mobile meditation which is live streamed to meet you wherever you may be.

We hope to sit with you in this powerfully restful, yet productive practice soon.

Author – Kelly Dalby