5 Wellbeing Hacks To Keep Well This Festive Season

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The festive season is near approaching and while it’s supposed to be a holiday season, many of us can fall into overwhelm and fatigue when December rolls around. Surveys suggest the festive season can create a spike in stress levels. We’ve put together 5 wellbeing hacks to make sure you keep well all throughout the festive season. 

1. Be creative with exercise

Around this time of year, our routines can become thrown out of whack. With more social events, shopping and errands to do, our exercise routines can take the backseat. Workouts are paramount to keeping you centred throughout the season, so make sure you prioritise them. Instead of trading in your yoga class to go last minute shopping, you can have it all! Join our Friday 5.30pm class and skip over to the city for late-night shopping. It can get hard to see our friends with so many family gatherings so you may be tempted to trade in your Pilates class for a coffee date. Going to a workout class with your friends is a great way to stay in contact, blow off steam, and stay active in the silly season.  

2. Use this trick to beat dehydration and hangovers

Cheers! Nothing says festivities more than the sound of glasses clinking, and we deserve to celebrate with our friends and family. However, when you pair an hourly glass of champagne with 35° weather, it can quickly turn into a headache. Try this simple trick to beat the post alcohol grogginess. After every beverage, drink an equal amount of water before going on to the next. After a pint of beer, drink a pint of water, after a flute of champagne, drink a flute of water. Your body will thank you the next day!

3. Learn intuitive eating 

Intuitive eating can help you beat binges this festive season. The concept of intuitive eating is pretty simple. Use your physical hunger and satiety cues as a guide for when to begin and finish eating. Be grateful for your food choices, really making the intention to consume whatever you choose. No food is deemed bad or good, choose them depending on how they make your body feel. This mindset can help you curve the mindless eating and lethargy that can come with the festive season.

4. Detoxify with a massage 

No matter how much water we drink, or hot yoga we do, toxins can still hang around in our muscle tissue. Massage brings toxins out of your muscles by allowing chemicals within the body to be released. Massage also helps the lymph move around, which further rids the body tissues of toxins. 

5.Prioritise your daily ‘me time’ 

There are a million things to think about during the festive season. Lack of time for ourselves can lead to stress and exhaustion. When you make your ‘me time’ a priority, you are more capable of actually enjoying the season, rather than just watching it go by. Meditation is a fantastic tool for finding that extra space in your life when it seems like you are in a perpetual rush. Taking only 30 minutes a day for yourself can provide you with a lot more space to breathe. 


To make sure you enjoy your wellbeing fix during the summer holidays, we are keeping our doors open with our new summer schedule through December at Myall Yoga and Wellbeing Studio. We are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. In January, we are opening with a limited schedule, with at least one yoga class a day and you’ll still be able to book in with your favourite massage therapist in restricted hours. Because the best present during the festive season is your presence!

Head here to check out our timetable and book yourself in for some well-deserved wellbeing.