21 Days of Peace Challenge


“21 Days of Peace”, can you imagine? This mental health initiative at Myall couldn’t come at a more critical time.

During this time of re-emergence, have you put measures in place to continue plugging in to your natural state of peace? This needs to be a priority. As high a priority as any other self-hygiene measure you deem as a non-negotiable, and we want to support you in developing this practice of “plugging into your peace”. Regardless of your age, your industry, your experience, the busy-ness of your schedule and how much time your have available, we want to walk beside you for a 21 day journey that will lead you to more ease in every single area of your life, and have made this so accessible.

To coincide with our exciting “Myall’s Welcome Day“, we will commence “21 Days of Peace” together Wednesday 15th July, and your package will look like this:

– A 10 class pack valid for 21 days which will allow access to 6 meditation classes and 4 other classes of your choice in the studio or via live streaming. (Valued at $150)

– A 30ml “Grounding Blend” by Kelly Dalby, Mindbody Medicine Practitioner that helps to earth excess or agitated energy such as anxiety, stress or overwhelm and support you back into your natural state of peace (Valued at $20).

– A short 30 minute workshop and meditation experience by Kelly Dalby 1pm-1.30pm July 15th teaching on the practice of meditation in this fast paced and noisy world and how and why it deserves an important place in your life amongst everything else you give yourself to

(This will run in studio, via live streaming and be available afterwards as a recording for those who register)

You might like to have a read on a recent article we published for “The Busiest Minds” and if you find this article and this 21 Days of Peace appealing, please help us to spread the message by inviting friends and family to join you.

Adopt a frontline worker to pay it forward: When you register for your 21 Days of Peace, you can select a doctor, emergency response worker, paramedic or nurse to participate. This is Karma Yoga, and we would be honoured to share this with you and your nominated frontline worker. Please note: The Grounding Blend is available to purchase separately at $20

Already a member at Myall? This 21 Day Meditation Challenge is included in your membership, and you can purchase your Grounding Blend separately for $20