21-day Move & Sweat Intro Offer


In just 21 days, we want to help inspire and support you to create and commit to a regular practice of self-care.

A regular practice looks different for everyone. It could be in the form of movement by taking Pilates or yoga class or perhaps spending time meditating. It could also be taking some time for yourself in our infrared sauna.

What’s on offer?

For just $79, experience all the benefits of unlimited group classes like Pilates, meditation, and yoga, plus we’re throwing in a 30 minutes session in our new Clearlight Infrared Sauna (to be used within 21 days).

Who is this for?

This offer is for those of you who have been thinking about becoming a member at Myall but haven’t taken the leap yet. Download our Myall App today and view our extensive range of group classes on offer 7 days a week. Sign up for the 21-day Move & Sweat Intro Offer today and redeem in-studio before the 31st August 2021.