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  • Yoga

    Stretch, flex, breathe.
    Synchronised movement for strength and serenity.

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  • Pilates

    Tone, strengthen and reform.
    Precision movement for posture and toning

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  • Meditation

    Drop in, zone out, revitalise.
    Restore a busy mind in a tranquil environment.

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  • Massage

    Indulge, de-stress, recharge.
    Treat your body, it’s time for you!

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    We're excited to be offering limited classes in studio from 18th May. All classes will have a max of 10 students and we'll be expanding our studio offerings week by week.

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At Myall Wellbeing, we allow you to ‘just be’.

A personal note from our founder, Emma Pugsley

I’m so happy to warmly welcome you to Myall Wellbeing.  

Our stunning studio is yours to enjoy – a thoughtfully appointed space to retreat from life’s bustle, whether you’re a curious newcomer or have been walking the ‘wellness’ path for some time.

It’s been my vision to bring yoga, Pilates, meditation and a range of wellbeing services to the Perth CBD for many years. I’ve worked in senior corporate finance roles for over 25 years, and have experienced first-hand the sedentary and often stressful nature of office environments.

Following major hip surgery in 2009, I discovered yoga as a means of rehabilitation, and the results far exceeded my expectations both physically and mentally.

This inspired my long-term desire to enter the wellness industry, and it’s with great excitement I invite you to join me and the Myall team to freely explore what wellbeing might be for you.

Had my first Myall experience and it was simply amazing!! I was fortunate enough to have the studio owner Emma take us through a beautiful flow this morning at their Bushfire Fundraiser event. Emma is not only a kind and warm soul, but a very elegant and inclusive instructor. I was initially nervous, being my first yoga class for some time, but Emma and her team made me feel so welcome and supported me the entire time 😊
What’s more the studio itself is a tranquil paradise and retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Perth CBD. If you’re seeking a calming yet enriching yoga practice do yourself a favour and stop in and say hi! You won’t regret it 😊

Daniel H, Perth

We highly recommend Emma’s services to other organisations looking to improve the wellbeing of their employees. Having a previous career in the corporate world, Emma understands the pressures associated with an office environment. This gave her credibility and respect right from the get-go with all levels of the business.

Amanda Divirgilio, HR Manager, AFG

So glad I found Myall Wellbeing! The meditation and Mat Pilates are amazing, Luke’s Vinyasa Flow is just what the doctor ordered and Mat gives the BEST massage I’ve ever had. What a welcome addition to our city.

Alison B, Perth

I walk into the Myall Studio frazzled, stressed and in my head thinking about the ever growing to-do list and tasks I need to complete, and I walk out calm, centred and focused.

My Friday meditation has become my anchoring point of a busy week and always provides me with the opportunity to be present in my self. Myall Wellbeing is a must-visit for the over-stressed, over-worked city dweller to escape to, even if just for an hour a week.

Gabby M, Perth

Best yoga studio I’ve ever been to. So warm and welcoming, sparkling clean and aesthetically lovely, absolutely fantastic teachers who each bring a unique style, and just the most beautiful atmosphere fills the whole place. Could not recommend it more.

Kate C, Perth

This has to be the best thing to hit Perth city! Stunning yoga and meditation studio with a spacious massage room at the rear inside. I met a couple of the instructors who are just lovely, and did the most rejuvenating meditation class which was much needed after a hectic week. Highly recommended, no doubt they will be booked out and in high demand as there’s nothing else like it in Perth.

Sarah, Perth

Wow, just discovered the most amazing yoga studio in the city, Myall Wellbeing. The studio contains the latest in sound systems and heating panels imported from Europe, new end of journey facilities and fully decked out with mats and props. There is a range of classes for both beginners and advanced yogis. Love, love, love this place.

Chris, Perth

A visit to this city central yoga studio IS A MUST. Competent yoga instructors, tranquil ambience and the latest in sound and heating. Can’t wait until I attend my next class.

Christine, Perth


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