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Mindfulness, Movement and Nutrition –
A Wholistic approach to Wellbeing

The vision for Myall is for a healthy and happy community.  A community that truly flourishes and embraces the joy that comes with good health and wellbeing in heart, mind and body.

The Myall mission is to provide affordable, accessible and desirable health and wellbeing options for every person in our community.

Myall is committed to inspiring others to make healthy life choices by providing guidance and coaching that is supportive and sustainable, and in doing so reduce the footprint of ill health in the wider community.

At Myall, we are part of the local community, and are flexible and capable of delivering programs and activities in a variety of diverse locations. 

Myall create and deliver a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing services that provides innovative, effective and targeted program implementation across a broad range of sectors.  Our tailored, fully inclusive programs incorporate:


Meditation, Breath Awareness, Stress Reduction, Managing Emotions


Yoga, Nature Walks, Qi Gong, Postural Alignment, Tai Chi, Massage


Information Sessions, Cooking Demonstrations, Nutritional Assessments 

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

― Thomas A. Edison

News & Events

All I want for Christmas is .....!

Positano 2019

Myall Wellbeing hosts a range of exclusive cultural and wellbeing experiences, designed to purposefully incorporate activities that will awaken your senses and rejuvenate your mind, body and heart. 

Join us for 7 glorious days of cultural and historical beauty on the Amalfi Coast, enjoying yoga, hiking, swimming, relaxation and the sheer delights of southern Italian food, wine and culture.

Having just wrapped up our 2018 "extra sensory" immersion on the Amalfi Coast, we are excited to already announce our dates for 2019 as follows:

6 July to 13 July 

20 July to 27 July

Places are limited so contact Emma on now to register your interest! 

Our 2019 itinerary and pricing will be released shortly and early bird rates will apply.

This 7 day experience is based at the five star Villa Gianlica boutique hotel, located in the charming town of Praiano, just 7km from Positano. 

Pricing includes accommodation and two delicious meals per day designed to showcase the best food, wine and culture of the region. 

Each day will also include the opportunity to participate in wellbeing activities such as yoga, hiking and swimming.

We have strong partnerships in the local area and our retreat fee represents an even further saving on highly competitive pricing.

To register your interest and receive more information on pricing, you can email Emma on

Myall Wellbeing sensory retreat, not your average wellness retreat

Some words from Myall's founder and our 2017 guests:

"Bringing my love of Yoga to Positano and being able to package this into a unique offering to share with others continues to be my passion. Guests in 2018 will again be able to experience immersion into 7 days of pure delight and luxury, with every detail taken care of." 

Emma – owner and founder of Myall Wellbeing

“Starting your day with a salute to the sun overlooking the amazing blue water of the Amalfi coast, followed up with a mouthwatering selection of local fruits, juices and Italian pastries for breakfast... There is nothing on earth to beat it.”  Christine W – Perth, WA

*Read Christine's full testimonial and brochure  here, inspired by her attendance at the 2017 retreat. 

"The Myall Amalfi Coast retreat is not your average wellness retreat. It's a sensual immersion into the incredible fineries of the region with a particular focus on the Positano & Praiano areas, not to mention the optional daily yoga to balance it all out. The daily dawn practice prepares you for the day's adventures ahead!”   Tanaya T, Perth, WA


In corporate and public sectors “OH&S” matters, Safety is taken very seriously.  We all know that good safety performance doesn't happen by accident – neither does the Health of our employees.

The Myall corporate program is designed to help everyone – but especially so that corporates can improve all aspects of OH&S for their employees.  If we are well, then each of us are more likely to be safe, and less likely to be distracted or distressed, in the workplace.  Like good safety performance, good health cannot be taken for granted or left to chance.  Good health and wellbeing doesn't just happen - particularly in our busy lives as we grapple with maintaining work life balance.

The Myall corporate program format is tailor-made for our client organisation, providing a variety of special focus wellbeing activities that can be conducted as a series of lunch-time sessions, full or half-day sessions, as determined appropriate in consultation with the client.

The return on investment for our client will not only be measurable, but lead to a safer workplace that improves productivity, creative thinking, performance and greater satisfaction of employees.  The benefits for the employee are all of the above as well as longer-term benefits of improved health and wellbeing.

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Emma Pugsley – Director & Founder, Myall Wellbeing

The team at Myall, led by Director Emma Pugsley has the skills, experience and commitment to make a tangible and sustainable difference to the health and wellbeing of the community. 

We collaborate with government, health insurance funds and health industry professionals, utilising research facts and statistics to develop a range of wellbeing programs that are time efficient and effective.

The Myall conference program format allows for wellbeing activities to be conducted as a series of 30-minute “intermissions” throughout the conference agenda. 

Our focus is on encouraging high participation in a “sample” of simple health and wellbeing lifestyle activities in a fun and safe environment, that will inspire a realisation that there are greater and more informed choices of activities available to try at home, in everyday life. 

Myall can also deliver healthy “Revitalising Breaks” menu options in keeping with the theme and location of the conference.  All menu offerings are designed to reflect foods that provide variety, freshness, and health benefits derived from  local, seasonal produce.

Where possible, all items will be accompanied with details on nutritional value, preparation techniques and availability in the local marketplace.


Anywhere!  Anytime!

Call us today to find out more about our private one-on-one and small group yoga classes, designed to inject more joy and energy into your everyday life, and inspire a greater sense of wellbeing.


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